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Welcome to Subsonic Sound.

This is my personal homepage, now up and running properly, at long last. Development will obviously continue, and I have plenty more ideas for this site yet. But already there are sections for a blog, my music, feedback and so on. Any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me, or use the shiny new feedback section!

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2nd June
- New Blog Entry added - "Thee Silver Mount Zion"

1st June
- Oceanic finally complete, and added to the music section.

24th May
- New Blog Entry added - "A Test of Personality"

23rd May
- New Blog Entry added - "Smooth Music"

21st May
- Plenty of music updates
- Feedback section added

2nd May
- New Blog Entry added - "10,000 Days Arrives"

1st May
- New Blog Entry added - "Going Into Administration"

29th April
- Description/Notes page added for Sound[e]scape
- Description/Notes page added for Underground Flow
- Blog section started
- New Blog Entry added - "10,000 Days"
- New Blog Entry added - "Student Barbecues"

28th April
- Music Page added, with downloads for Sound[e]scape, Phantasm, Underground and Nocturne II.
- Description/Notes page added for Phantasm.
- Description/Notes page added for Nocturne.


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